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Completing Intentions

In 2017, we brought a 6’ Daruma to the playa and invited Burners to dot in its right eye while setting personal intentions & goals. We're bringing Daruma back to the playa in 2020 & inviting Burners to fill it its left eye as part of the goal completion celebration ritual.

Daruma will get Vision 2020 in 2020...and then he burns. )'(

FOllow our progress on instagram!

What's a daruma?

Daruma are dolls traditionally purchased from Japanese temples and are commonly used for intention setting. When first acquired, both eyes of the Daruma are blank. The first step is to fill in one eye of the doll as the owner sets an intention. Upon fulfilling the goal, the second eye is filled in, expressing the promise kept, the goal achieved, and the vision restored. Traditionally, people bring their Daruma back to the temple from which they came for an annual ceremony in which all the Daruma are collected and burned together.

why's a daruma at burning man?

We spend so much time running from one obligation to the next that it is hard to find a moment to really think about what it is we want to achieve in our lives, from breaking bad habits to taking steps to create more fulfilling lives. While you are on the playa, we hope that you have a chance to think about your goals and take stock of what it is that you've been postponing in life. Our intention is that the Daruma provides you an opportunity to not only memorialize your intention on the playa, but also serve as a reminder to follow through on that intention once you return to the default world.

How Can I Interact with Daruma?

In 2017, we invited Burners to set an intention and place a dot in Daruma’s right eye as a symbol of commitment to that intention. In 2020, we invite those Burners back to dot in the left eye if they achieved their intentions.

Those who didn’t join us in 2017 may still set their intention during the week & dot in the left eye at the end of the week.

Our team

We are a mix of Burners, from virgins to veterans and everywhere in between. Though our paths crossed in different times and different places, we are united in our enthusiasm and support for the principles upon which Burning Man is built. We are supremely excited and extraordinarily humbled to be able to contribute to the community through this art project.

Angela Chang

Project Lead
playa name: Starry eyed

Edwin Marwin Mendaros

engineering lead
playa name: clutch

Wilbur Han

Engineering Lead
playa name: gizmo

Eric Treu

Finance manager
playa name: kraut

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